Welcome! I’m so happy you are here! Colors A La Carte is your new “one stop shop” for everything health and beauty related.

I want you to feel comfortable here, and always checking back for more. No matter what your budget is, there will be something here for you. Colors A La Carte will have free content, as well as skin care products (coming soon!) and services. There will be something for everyone’s needs.


            Here’s a little breakdown into how the free content will work:

·       The postings will be a hybrid of articles and blogs. So I will deliver different, educated, peer-reviewed content of an article, with the comfortable, informal writing style of a blog post.

·       The blogs will be categorized into different categories to make it easier for you to search for the topics you are most interested in.

·       Not for children: The informal tone also means the potential for some language or subject matter that may not be suitable for young viewers. You’ve been warned. Let’s be real, we all love to use mild profanity from time to time, and this isn’t the place to hold back! Having a comfortable space means being able to be yourself, unapologetically.


            Just so we are clear, this isn’t just another lifestyle blog. This will be real, educational, research delivered to you in a manner that is actually enjoyable to read.


            Part of the dream for Colors A La Carte is to create a community where people who share the same passion of the integration of health and beauty have a place to interact with each other, as well as learn together. AND eventually, shop great products!


            To learn more about the company, or me, make sure to browse around the website. If you still have more questions, make sure to leave a comment! I can’t wait to grow, learn, and build this amazing community with all of you!


            Make sure you guys subscribe to the mailing list so you can also be informed when I release new posts! Also, let me know what are some topics you are the most curious about, or if there are any questions you have about fad diets, skin care tips, ingredients, etc. I’ll be happy to research and cover any topics that you are all curious about too.


            Have a colorful day!